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On Mother’s Day Give Mom The Gift Of A Happy Healthy Life

On Mother’s Day Give Mom The Gift Of A Happy Healthy Life

Between working in and out of the house, and spending time with family and friends, most moms struggle to find time to take care of themselves. So instead of giving your mom the traditional flowers and card this Mother’s Day, give her the gift of a lifetime - resources to help her protect her heart health.

For Mother’s Day, the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign has created several tools to help your mother - and you - help each other lead healthier lifestyles.

Send your mom a Mother’s Day e-card reminding her to take care of herself and encouraging her to join the program by visiting the campaign’s Web site at www.americanheart.org. In May, the campaign Web site offers tools and tips to take women from awareness to action to help reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke, such as:

• Mother’s Day information and physical activity and nutrition tips.

• Dress the Women in Red section. For each type of clothing you choose for the female model, you will receive a different set of fitness tips (e.g., a business suit brings up tips for fitting in activity at work or on the road).

• Newsletters with tips and information to help women reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke

A recent American Heart Association survey show-ed an increase in the number of women who consider heart disease their greatest health threat (13 percent in 2003, compared to 8 percent in 2000), but the majority of women are still not aware that heart disease is their number one killer.

After introducing your mom to the Go Red For Women Web site this Mother’s Day, take another step toward better health by researching your family’s medical history together and scheduling an ap-pointment for you and your mother to visit the doctor to find out if you or your mom is at risk for heart disease or stroke. Visiting the doctor together or engaging in physical activity with your mother are great ways to help a healthy lifestyle.

Questions you and your mom can ask your doctor to assess your heart disease risk and what you can do to reduce it include:

• What is a healthy cholesterol level and how can I reach or maintain a healthy level?

• What is high blood pressure and how may it affect my health?

• How can I reach or maintain a healthy weight?

• How can I quit smoking?

• What are the risk factors for diabetes?

• What can I do to increase my physical activity levels?

• How does my family history of heart disease

and stroke put me at increased risk for these diseases?

• How would I know if I am having a heart attack or stroke?

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