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Almost-Defunct School Board Looking To Unload Extra $$$

By Nicole Ray
Almost-Defunct School Board Looking To Unload Extra $$$ By Nicole Ray

By Nicole Ray

In anticipation of the dismantling of all city school boards on June 30, the president of Community School Board District 18, Abu Abu, introduced Resolution Five, which specifies how the board would spend their remaining funding before it goes out of existence.

Speaking at the board’s sparsely-attended April 27 meeting at P.S. 208, Abu said, "We have some remaining funds in the bank that must be spent before we go out of business. It’s ap-proximately $3,000 and we would like to buy books with it."

Abu said that such books as "Gifted Hands," by Ben Carson and "From ‘Superman’ to Man," by J.A. Rogers would only benefit the youngsters who read them.

"I am all in favor of books," said John Inniss, a member of the board, "However, where you purchase these books and the type of books is very important to me. These books have to be purchased from the community."

Lloyd Roberts, vice president of the board, said it was necessary that the board buy books to assist the children, "books which would raise their self-esteem and encourage them to graduate from school and become productive members of their community."

The Department of Education was contacted to verify if the board would have to adhere to a list given by the superintendent’s office. However, no response was received after contacting its Office of Communications and Media, according to board members. The resolution to buy the books was passed.

"We are a school board," Inniss said. "We don’t need to go to the superintendent to get a list of books from them."

Region Six Local Instructional Su-perintendent Felicita Santiago told those at the meeting that there is still space for pupils at Public School 66 on East 96 Street, which opened last September. She said applications are still being accepted for the school, which can accommodate 900 students. The school houses prekindergarten through grade eight. Public School 66, the newest addition to the Region Six schools, is located at 845 East 96 Street.

The school which is un-zoned "was designed to help the overcrowding of schools in the region," Santiago said.

Priority enrollment will be given for students in prekindergarten through grade five who are attending Public School 115, 135, 208, 235, 268 and 276. In addition, students who are in grades six and seven at Intermediate School 68 and 285, will be given preference, according to a letter addressed to parents and guardians signed by Gloria Buckery, the Region Six Regional Superintendent.

Applications for P.S. 66 can be mailed to 5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11234; attention Deborah Cuffey-Jackson, Regional Director of the New York City Department of Education Region Six Learning Support Center. Applications must be postmarked Friday, May 21. For further information, the Office of Student Placement, Youth and Family Support services can be contacted at (718) 968-6100.

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