2004-04-15 / Letters/Opinion

No Excuse For Bloodshed

No Excuse For Bloodshed Editor:


One of the most common excuses for blowing up Israeli Jews and Americans that terrorists use is that Americans and Israeli’s kill Arab and Muslim children. This is not true, of course, all America does is send billions of dollars to terrorist countries so that starving people can be fed, even people that hate America. The money or food never gets to these people because their evil and corrupt leaders never give them a dime.

It is the Arab and Muslim extremists that kill children and send them to their deaths in the name of Allah. Just look at the case of 14-year-old Hussam Abdu who was tricked into being used as a human bomb by terrorist Hamas. What kind of people that claim they care about children send children to their deaths for the cause of saving children? The Arab and Muslim world do not love their children as much as they love using their children to blow up somebody else’s children.

Muslim and Arab dictators spend and raise billions of dollars on exporting hatred and terrorist activity towards America instead of using their money to better the lives of Arab and Muslim children. Arab culture focuses on teaching their children to learn about extremist versions of Islam instead of sending them to schools to get educated as doctors, scientists, lawyers and inventors so they can better their society. Do not believe for a second that Americans and Israeli’s are responsible for the deaths of innocent children. The blood of innocent Arab and Muslim children is on the hands of their own parents.

Sue Bernerdo

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