2004-04-08 / Other News

Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein

Meets With Local Nurses

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein recently met with nurses from her Assembly District at the New York State Nurses Association Legislative Conference in Albany.

"I am pleased that a large number of nurses and health care professionals reside in my district and applaud their dedicated efforts to help keep us healthy," the Democratic politician said.

One of the nurses’ issues of concern was ensuring that licensed nurses provide nursing care.

Weinstein is a sponsor of the legislation requiring hospitals to prohibit staff members who are not registered nurses or licensed practical portraying themselves as "nurses".

Many registered nurses are being replaced with unlicensed personnel and patients can be confused as to the qualifications of who is treating them.

"Anyone who has faced a medical procedure and a difficult recuperation knows the value of a dedicated and compassionate nurse professional. This bill’s provision will restore confidence in the level of care being provided," Helene Weinstein stated.

•The measure also requires hospitals to disclose nursing quality indicators such as:

•The number of RNs and LPNs providing direct care and the ratio of patients to RNs;

•The number of unlicensed personnel used to provide direct care;

•Patient injuries and medication errors caused by adverse patient care;

•The methods used by hospitals to determine staffing levels; and

•Data regarding complaints filed with the state or federal regulatory agencies.

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