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"Deplorable" Conditions At L Subway Station

"Deplorable" Conditions At L Subway Station Editor:


I received an E-mail from the MTA regarding flood conditions and the leaking roof at the Canarsie L Train station on November 13, but nothing has changed other than the removal of a chunk of roof so it now rains unimpeded onto the train platform.

When is someone at the MTA going to address the deplorable conditions at the Rockaway Parkway "L" Train station? When it rains, customers (notice that this word denotes a paying client) have to walk through a flood to get to the trains. A drain needs to be installed ASAP.

I recently realized that I pay the same fare as people who do not have to walk through water and sit in a train with wet shoes and slack hems. Also, the roof needs to be repaired. When it rains, commuters get wet. This water is filtered through the roof and pigeon poop on overhead pipes and beams.

Someone should really come down and experience the joy of using the station in the rain. I expect a reply regarding the MTA’s plans for this station and I expect some action to remedy these conditions.

It is my understanding that the station personnel have made requests for these repairs. Work was just done on the bus exit, but no one took that opportunity to remedy the flood problem.

What are they thinking? If things are not resolved satisfactorily, the local papers will be hearing about the lack of concern shown by the MTA for some of your ridership. Start thinking outside the box.


If someone could capture these conditions on film and then print them, it just might embarrass the powers that be into fixing the problems.

Louise Ippolito

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