2004-04-08 / Letters/Opinion

Show Off Ave L. Diversity

Show Off Ave L. Diversity Editor:


We don’t need a bus route on Avenue L to improve the shopping strip. We didn’t need the flags; we need more reasons to go there.

In September of 2003, I sent suggestions to my councilman concerning Avenue L. My letter included the following:

We are in dire need of an international restaurant that could be the anchor store to draw people to the "L." The theme for Avenue L should be "International."

In addition, Avenue L needs a store to serve the needs of our Asian population, so they don’t have to go to Sunset Park or Avenue U for their cooking needs. A combination butcher, bakery, eat-in, take-out food shop to serve the needs of our Jewish residents, old timers and new residents, would be welcome as well.

Thank You.


Gerry C. Weiner

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