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Clinton Says Bush School Budget Shortchanges State

Clinton Says Bush School Budget Shortchanges State

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton last week outlined how school districts across New York are being short-changed millions of dollars under the Bush Administration’s education budget in its No Child Left Behind program.

Commenting on April 1, Clinton remarked, "The Administration’s No Child Left Behind legislation is a bad April fool’s day joke. The promise is just not being fulfilled and schools are not getting the support they need in order to meet the mandates imposed on them."

A full analysis of new data from the US Department of Education reveals that New York State’s schools would lose over $700 million in critical education funds if the Bush budget were to be approved by Congress.

Under the Bush’s No Child Let Behind law school districts across the country are mandated to hire new teachers, reduce class sizes, and provide specialized instruction in math and reading. Nevertheless, the President’s current budget proposal falls far short of providing schools with the needed funds to implement these mandates.

"By passing the buck on No Child Left Behind, Congress leaves our local taxpayers and our children bearing the burden," said Senator Clinton. "Republicans promised New Yorkers $2.1 billion dollars to fund the mandates in No Child Left Behind, but only gave us $1.4 billion dollars. New York City alone ended up getting $573 million dollars less than they were promised."

Other schools in cities and towns across the state have been similarly underfunded. Buffalo, for example, only received $39 million when they were promised $58 million.

Funding Comparisons For New York City

Bush Budget Funding Promised

The Bronx $253M $406M

Brooklyn $356,662,200 $577,518,000

Manhattan $137,252,5000 $216,134,400

Queens $185,823,900 $296,134,900

Staten Island $21,561,100 $ 31,146,700

New York City Total

$954,054,500 $1,527,309,000

New York State Total $1,395,356,422 $2,113,816,000

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