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Financial Advice Offered At Boro Economic Conference

By Anthony Ponds
Financial Advice Offered At Boro Economic Conference By Anthony Ponds

By Anthony Ponds

No talk of cupid at Saturday’s 2004 Economic Empowerment Conference and Expo. It was all about the money on Valentine’s Day. How to make it, manage it, and keep it. From high school students to business owners, the conference offered something for everyone. The event was held at the Brook-lyn Marriott and presented by Empower, Develop, Improve, Families and Youth (E.D.I.F.Y.) Communities of New York Inc. and St. Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York.

Dr. Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood (pictured) kicked off the conference by imploring the crowd of more than fifteen hundred to take advantage of the knowledgeable speakers who were present for the day.

Some of the speakers joining Dr. Youngblood on the dais were Sharon Lechtor, co-author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Dr. Dolf de Roos, real estate investor, and Mark Victor Hansen, mo-tivational speaker. Joining them were the architects of the event, Anthony Miles and Pastor Clinton Bush of St. Paul’s. These two young men worked tirelessly to bring this educational event to the community.

"This is not about getting rich quick, but practical financial information you can use in your everyday life," said Miles.

The duo of Miles and Bush are currently co-authoring a book and will continue to teach and hold financial seminars at St. Paul Community Bap-tist Church.

One of the highlights of the conference was the appearance of best selling author George Fraser, who wrote Success Runs In Our Race. "You’ve got to get out and meet people, and form relationships or you’re not in business," he explained. Sounds easy enough, but as Fraser explained, there is a right and wrong way of networking.

If the turnout for this year’s conference is any indication, it should make George Fraser’s "Best Networking Events To Attend" list.

"This is just a continuum of what Rev. Youngblood has been doing in East New York — attending to the needs of the community," said Frederica Hartley, a member of St. Paul. "If it were not for this ministry, I would not be a homeowner today. It’s all about supporting one another through these types of events."

Dr. Youngblood continues to be in the vanguard of contemporary religious activism.

"Some may judge me to be unusual, or if I’m teaching the gospel at all, but I’ll take my chances on Jesus being the judge."

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