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ALL MY CHILDREN: JR admitted to Babe that he was beginning to agree with Adam that she wasn’t the woman he should be married to. Rejected by everyone, Greenlee went to the rocks where Leo died and ended up falling into an abandoned mineshaft. Kendall couldn’t allow herself to fully trust Ryan and gave him back his engagement ring. Erica, in denial, didn’t want to discuss Bianca’s pregnancy with Kendall. Upcoming: Maria admits a painful truth to Edmund.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: When the cops began to arrest Chris, Alison cried out that he didn’t push her, and the charges were dropped. Holden saw Lily being happy with the kids and thought it was a great sign. Lucy went to the BRO party with Clark but wouldn’t cozy up to him, so he slipped something in her drink. Paul threatened to tell Will that Hal stood against their family, but Hal warned Paul to leave Will out of their family wars. Sarah spilled to Margo that Jessica had been taking her letters to Bonnie. Up-coming: Carly’s a smash hit.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Marlena reassured Celeste that she was safe and that she would help her uncover the identity of the killer locked in her mind. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn found a new clue that could help identify the Salem Stalker. Shawn and Bonnie and Doug and Julie separately planned Valentine’s Day parties at Tuscany. Jan witnessed Victor setting the new combination on his safe. Up-coming: Celeste can’t shake her feelings of foreboding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At the hospital, Maxie begged a badly burned Mac not to die. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, an explosion separated Jason from Courtney, Brian and the dog. A "firefighter" reached the outside of the hotel and was forced to hide the treasure he stole in a dumpster. In the Versailles Room, a no-nonsense Luke took command of the evacuation pro-cess. Upcoming: Alcazar rescues Carly and Sonny.

GUIDING LIGHT: Marah and Jeffrey realized that someone who wanted them to get together on Valentine’s Day had set them up by sending them both anonymous invitations to the party at the Country Club. A kid looking for drugs attacked Cassie, and she got her first good look at the new street drug "D" and what it can do. Tony told Danny he wasn’t convinced Bruzi had nothing to do with the gas leak at his house. Gus reported to Jeffrey about the proceedings at the board meeting and how Alan seemed to protect Brad when the subject of Antimonius came up. Up-coming: Gus is shocked by what he discovers.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Rae questioned Stephen about the diploma of the dead doctor she found in his office and pretended to accept his explanation. John was horrified when he watched the videotape the killer sent of Caitlin’s, John’s late girlfriend, murder. Dorian and David stopped River and Adriana’s wedding and took them back to Llanview. While Viki was visiting Ben (Mark Derwin), he woke up from his coma. Upcoming: Todd takes the stand in his own defense.

PASSIONS: Alistair cruelly taunted Julian and Eve with information about their son. Luis resorted to violence and gunfire in order to get to Sheridan in the psych ward. Gwen confided to Ethan her suspicions that Beth had a hand in her and Sheridan’s misfortunes. Later, Dr. Culver confronted Beth about her false pregnancy. Upcoming: Sheridan makes her choice between Luis and Antonio.

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