2004-01-29 / Arts & Entertainment



ALL MY CHILDREN: Bianca encountered Erica at Michael’s condo and remembered seeing something on the night Michael was murdered. Maria accepted the help of a medical specialist Juan Pablo arranged to treat Edmund. Greenlee broke into Kendall’s condo and found the box that her fake pregnancy padding came in. Babe tried to blackmail Paul into helping her fake a paternity test and implied that he could be the father of her baby. Upcoming: Liza tells Tad how she really feels about him.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Jack got Mitzi to confess Craig paid her to lie. Simon explained to Henry how he had to fake his death and how he was able to sneak back into the country. Chris ran into Tish and learned one of Dr. Schiller’s patients had the wrong sonogram in her file. Aaron found Alison and learned she was not going to have an abortion. Upcoming: Alison’s plans fall apart.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo re-ceived an ISA-related assignment that would take him out of town. The Horton Foundation Circus came to town. Doug, Julie and the rest of the town began to question the blossoming "relationship" between Bonnie and Mickey. Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Rex and Philip prepared a death-defying act for the circus. Upcoming: Another tragedy ensues.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: With Justus’ help, Jason had Faith committed to Ferncliff. Ric admitted to Eliza-beth that he had been helping Zander frame Nikolas for murder. Carly was about to say her final goodbye to Alcazar when Sonny arrived to see Carly and Alcazar sharing a goodbye kiss. Sam made a secret pact with Helena. Up-coming: Sonny refuses to reconcile with Carly.

GUIDING LIGHT: Olivia an-nounced that she and Phillip had married. Tony had a meeting with Bruzi, a low-level mobster, who tried to bring him on board with illegal activities in Springfield. Josh sought out Ed and voiced his discomfort with Alan’s plan to find and take care of the witness to the accident. Cassie found Sandy watch-ing tapes of Richard, and he confessed she was the one who stirred his interest in the father he never knew. Up-coming: Harley learns something else about Brad.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: As Bo and John worked to decipher the latest clue from the Music Box Killer, they wondered if Troy had an accomplice, or if they had the wrong man behind bars. Dorian headed to Puerto Rico to try to find Adriana. Viki spoke with Todd and asked him outright if Blair asked him to stop on the night he allegedly raped her. The Music Box Killer claim-ed another victim. Upcoming: Marcie shares a kiss with Michael/Al.

PASSIONS: Beth put on a disguise and ran Gwen over with a car as Gwen exited Dr. Culver’s office. Precious had a fantasy that Beth spontaneously combusts, leaving Luis all for her. Sheridan told her father how much she loved him just before he gave her a lethal injection. All hell broke loose when Miguel walked in on Charity and Reese. Upcoming: Liz baits TC into searching for his wife.

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