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Pre-Canarsie Courier?

Pre-Canarsie Courier?

Pre-Canarsie Courier?

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to report that we have finally discovered some documentation pertaining to the Canarsie Weekly, which, at present, is believed to be Canarsie’s earliest newspaper. We were aware that this newspaper existed in 1904, but were uncertain as to when it was founded, or by whom it was published.

The April 17, 1898 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that, "The Canarsie Weekly will be published next week by Charles F. Grim and Wallace Young."

It thus appears that the Canarsie Weekly was founded very close to April 22, the date upon which the Canarsie Courier was founded 23 years later, in 1921.

I would also like to remind your readers that the Canarsie Historical Society, in cooperation with the Courier, is offering a reward of $250 to the first person who can produce an original copy of the very first edition of the Canarsie Courier, dated April 22, 1921.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with your readers.


Ira M. Kluger

Community Historian

Co-President Canarsie Historical Society

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