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Driver Killed In Belt Parkway Crash

Driver Killed In Belt Parkway Crash

The driver of a minivan traveling on the Belt Parkway was killed when, apparently blinded by the sun, he crashed into the rear of a backhoe west of the Rockaway Parkway entrance, police said. The name of the 60-year-old male driver was not released by Accident Investigation Squad police.

According to officers from the 69th Precinct, who were first on the scene, the accident happened shortly after 2 p.m. on the west-bound right lane of the highway. The speed allowed on the highway at that point is 50 mph and police said the car "had to have been going at least that speed." One officer, who asked that his name be withheld, said the driver of the backhoe rig was apparently traveling at a slow, but proper, speed when his vehicle was hit. "He didn’t even realize what had really happened at the time," the officer said. "He thought something on the front of his rig had come loose, so he pulled over on the shoulder and saw the car hooked on."

Officials said that there were no arrests or summons issued at the time.

Charles Rogers

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