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Ashley, Michael Reign As Most Popular Baby Names

Ashley, Michael Reign As Most Popular Baby Names

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) last week announced the most popular names for New York City babies for the year 2002. Ashley and Michael will have lots of company in the city as they once again share the spotlight as most popular girls’ and boys’ names, respectively. Of the 122,937 babies born in New York City during 2002, 49% were girls, and 51% were boys.

Among girls, Ashley was the most popular name overall, a position held for eleven consecutive years, and was also the leader among Hispanics. Kayla was again the top name choice for African-Americans; Sarah was most frequently chosen among whites; and Michelle was the most common baby name among Asians for the second year in a row.

Samantha descended from a 1997-2000 reign as number two to a fifth place showing this year. Newcomers Melanie, Ashanti, Chaya, Sophia, and others were added to the lists.

The top ten most popular names for baby girls in 2002 were: Ashley, Emily, Kayla, Brianna, Samantha, Sarah, Nicole, Jessica, Michelle, and Isabella.

Among boys born in 2002, Michael continued a remarkable 15-year stretch as the most popular baby name overall for whites. Justin was the top choice among Blacks and Hispanics, and the second most popular baby boy name overall. Jason was the top choice for Asian baby boys.

Christopher continued a downward trend from a 1990-1998 stint as runner-up to a fifth place finish in 2002. Coming back into New Yorkers’ favor, Nicholas came in a respectable ninth overall, the best showing since 1998. Noticeably absent from the list were Pedro, Jeff, Aaron, George, and Don, names that figured prominently in the recent major league baseball playoffs.

The top ten most popular names for NYC baby boys in 2002 were: Michael, Justin, Daniel, Matthew, Christopher, Joseph, Anthony, Joshua, Nicholas, and David.

last year. Fortunately, she made a strong recovery in the number five and six positions among Hispanics and African-Americans, respectively. Kevin, while slipping from his 2001 number ten slot, ranked an impressive second place among Asians, and third among Hispanics.

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