2003-11-27 / Other News

Communing With Commuters

Communing With Commuters

For one hour last Friday morning Borough President Marty Markowitz handed out flyers at the Command Bus Stop on Church Avenue, near Ocean Parkway. Markowitz boarded several buses to inform commuters of the upcoming transportation crisis they are facing.

Brooklyn’s private bus companies are scheduled to end service on December 31 unless Mayor Bloomberg signs an extension of the franchise bus agreement. The Borough President urged commuters to contact the mayor and urge him to sign a six-month extension and guarantee that quality service is ensured for Canarsie’s and all Brooklyn’s commuters.

Markowitz told commuters, "Call 311 and tell the mayor to sign the extension now! Brooklyn’s riders will not tolerate any service interruptions. Tell the Mayor he must do whatever it takes to guarantee that in the future, reliable, safe, affordable, quality service is ensured for Brooklyn’s commuters, whether the MTA takes over, or if Command and Green Bus stays in operation, we deserve the finest service possible!"

Markowitz is pictured talking to commuters about maintaining quality bus service. Kathryn Kirk

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