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Dental Health

Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S.

Protecting Your Teeth

• WHEN SOMEONE IS DRINKING: Don’t hit, push, or throw anything at someone who is drinking from a glass, container or drinking fountain.

• IN A CAR: Be prepared for sudden stops. Always wear a seat belteven in the back or on a short ride.

• AT THE SWIMMING POOL: Use the ladder to climb out. don’t try to haul yourself up onto the side. Don’t run or push alongside the pool.

• WHEN USING A SKATEBOARD: Don’t push another skater or "hitch a ride". These cause more tooth fractures than anything else.

• ON A SWING: Remain seated until the swing has stopped. Don’t jump off a moving swing, or walk under it.

• WHEN WALKING, RUNNING, OR PLAYING. Watch where you’re going. Look out for trees, curbs or things to trip over.

• SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Wear a properly fitted helmet and mouth guard when playing sports like football, ice hockey, lacrosse and boxing., For baseball, if you are catching, al-ways wear a mask.

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