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Another Opinion

Another Opinion Editor:


I would just like to express my disappointment with Mr. O’Neill’s street interviews in your November 13 issue. The question was whether or not people feel that President Bush should reduce the number of troops in Iraq. Everyone displayed was under the same opinion that troops should be reduced and pulled out of Iraq.

Now, I find it hard to believe that everyone thinks this. As a man on the street interviewer, I think Mr. O’Neill should portray more than one opinion. I would hate to think that he is using other people’s opinions to push his own. As a reporter, he should make it his business to find conflicting opinions. A column featuring all the same comes off as inaccurate and bias.

I thank you for reading this.

Benjamin Foxx

Editor’s response:

Please do not be disappointed with Mr. O’Neill’s interviews on that topic. He selects subjects at random and has nothing to do with his personal opinion or the choice of interviews we use. In this case, there were no conflicting opinions. None.

Would you rather he stand on a street corner and wait for someone to come by who would answer the question to your liking? Thank you for your interest.

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