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ALL MY CHILDREN: Mary tried to seduce Jamie, who warned her to leave him, JR and Babe alone. Bianca was troubled when she saw the police retrieve Kendall’s duffel bag from the water off the docks while talking to Aidan. Later, Kendall and Bianca bonded when they felt Bianca’s baby move for the first time. Justin didn’t reveal to Jack that the police found Jack’s gun. Upcoming: Kendall and Greenlee declare war on one another.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Dusty and Molly told Jack about Paul having the voice alternator. Rose got paperwork from the bank and saw that there was something wrong with the books from the Roller Palace. Hal ordered Barbara to stay away from Will and then suspected her of being the one who threatened Rose. Aaron realized that Lucy remembered a great deal about the night Chris accused him, including the details about the watch. Upcoming: Aaron swings into action.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo and Roman found their mother in church - nothing could have saved her from the Salem Stalker. Kimberly came to town to help comfort the Brady family. Victor wanted Nicole out of his house and Brady’s life once and for all. Caroline reached out to Celeste - from the coffin. Upcoming: Jan makes her presence felt in a big way.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dillon was at the end of his rope with Sage, who convinced him to continue the arrangement and be her babysitter. Luke informed Tracy that he already had the one gambling permit allowed in Port Charles and intended to turn The Haunted Star into a floating casino. Carly confessed to Courtney that she didn’t feel love for Sonny. Zander arrived on the freighter to rescue Nikolas and Emily as the bomb exploded. Upcoming: Courtney is unsettled by Brian’s questions.

GUIDING LIGHT: When the intruder broke into the apartment of the woman being harassed, Harley and Gus were stunned to find it was Phillip. Michelle was supportive of Danny’s mayoral run, but Ed, afraid of having his secret unearthed, urged Danny not to run. Carrie appeared to Michelle, Marah and Marina and told the trio that the rings they found have the ability to grant wishes. Christopher found Reva in distress, and she admitted Sandy’s homecoming had stirred up painful memories. Upcoming: More wishes are made.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Evangline refused to give Walker a fake alibi for the night of Elyssa’s murder but assured him she would get him out of jail. Dorian managed to make it onto Harrison’s private jet, but Viki had her removed to prevent her from telling Blair the truth. The Music Box Killer followed Jen and Karen. Later, Jen passed out from drinking too much and was horrified to find Karen’s dead body when she woke up. Upcoming: Dorian saves Walker’s life.

PASSIONS: Beth accused Sheridan of trying to kidnap her baby. Grace made an emotional exit. Whitney explained to Theresa her feelings for Chad and Fox. Later, Theresa taunted Rebecca who vowed to kill the woman who owned Julian’s heart. Upcoming: Fox breaks Whitney’s heart with his words about Chad.

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