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Veterans Day Is Tuesday; We Have Things To Think About
By Charles Rogers
View From The Middle By Charles Rogers

The Middle

Veterans Day Is Tuesday; We Have Things To Think About

Next Tuesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Established in 1919 it used to be called Armistice Day, celebrating the end of World War I, the "war to end all wars."

How do you rationalize the irony of it, when, so many wars and conflicts later, we are embroiled in yet another war — supposedly ended last May — with our soldiers dying every day. Statistics tell us that nearly 150 have died since the announcement by President Bush that "hostilities have ceased" and that we had won; Iraq was ours.

Well, call it whatever you want, it’s still a war.

Last weekend, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld intimated the administration might have to send yet more troops to Iraq, not only to spell off those who have been there for much too long, but to supplement them.

Yes, to increase our manpower over there.

We have asked the United Nations to come forward with help and even those Security Council members who were once against us, such as Germany and France, have agreed to give us support. Unfortunately, what they’re giving us is strictly lip service: No troops and maybe a few dollars as a token gesture.

In other words, we’re still essentially alone over there, unless President Bush swallows very hard and makes big concessions to the U.N. Don’t forget that the name of the game is not only sweeping away the dictator Saddam Hussein and what might once have been considered the horrible danger of weapons of mass destruction, as well as bringing peace to the area, the game name is also oil.

That’s right, OIL! The liquid big money is right under the feet of our soldiers, and don’t think for a moment that the President of the United States, his Vice President and all the others don’t know it.

So do those big powers in other countries. Do you think Japan offered more than $2 billion in aide because they like us? Do you think France and Germany are becoming wishy-washy on the subject because they’re willing to call us their friends again?

No way!

It’s OIL!

Oh, yeah, we do want to see that country democratized, so to speak. We know that the dictator had to go and that it would have been foolhardy to let him continue — weapons of mass destruction or not. We want them to have a taste of freedom and we want to stand vigilant against the brutal terrorists around the world who kill in blind hatred for our way of life.

Now that Veterans Day is upon us, let’s give a salute to those who served before and those who are now risking — and sacrificing — their lives so that others may live in freedom and peace.

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