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Seven Secrets To Traveling With Young Children

Seven Secrets To Traveling With Young Children

(NAPSI)-Young traveling companions can add a whole new dimension to your trip, but it’s important to set realistic goals and take it easy.

Here are seven parent-tested tips for traveling with a young child:

1. Be flexible. Too many new sights and sounds at once can overstimulate a baby. Toddlers often get bored having to sit still or sightsee for long periods of time. Keep the itinerary simple-limit it to one activity a day.

2. Pick a family-friendly destination such as a lazy beach retreat, family camp, or nature resort. Skip crowded tourist destinations and places without shade. Look for family-friendly hotels that provide free meals to children.

3. Bring water and plenty of snacks. Toddlers can’t always wait for good service. Best bets include treats such as raisins, bananas, animal crackers, granola bars, dry cereal and small juice cartons. Bring along moist towelettes for clean-ups.

4. Plan frequent rest stops. If you’re driving break up the trip so kids can stretch and run around. Pack a rubber ball for a game of catch or some simple board books. Stop at picnic areas or playgrounds on your route.

5. Think safety. Bring along a basic childproofing kit. Be sure baby’s car seat is properly secured. Use removable window shades to keep the sun off baby.

6. Pack a goodie bag. Include fa-vorite toys, games, books and some surprises. Wrap some individually and present your child with a surprise once in a while.

7. Take practice trips. Make sure your child is ready for a long traveling experience. Lead up to the big trip with a short day trip or weekend getaways to see how your child adjusts. Show your toddler pictures of your destination and talk about whom you’ll see and what you’ll be doing there. If you convey excitement and positive feelings, chances are your little one will feel the same way.

More tips about parenting may be found at www.babycenter.com.

Following a few tips can make it more likely your child will be a happier traveler.

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