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In the hands of skill and technology More...

Time Important After

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the victim collapses and loses consciousness, stops normal breathing and loses blood pressure. Brain death starts to occur in just four to six minutes after someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest. More...

Keep Shot Schedule Up To Date

Of all the schedules adults have to juggle, their immunization schedule should not be left up in the air. More...

Chiropractic Corner

Dr. Lonnie Gross
A Painful Day In The Life Of A Working Woman
Part I

Nina Ashley woke up to the annoying and familiar sound of the alarm clock. It was Monday and the beginning of another hectic week. She rolled from her stomach onto her back, unburied herself from beneath the old don-filled pillows. More...


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Pharmaceutical Group Looking For Participants

In Blood Pressure Medication Research Study

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Sanofi-Synthelabo Partnership is screening men and women 18 years of age or older for possible participation in a research study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an approved medication for lowering high blood pressu More...

Views On

Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S. More...



In cities where the "chain of survival" is strong and defibrillation is provided within five to seven minutes, the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest is as high as 15 percent. More...

Still Some Questions On Vitamin Supplements Vs Heart Disease

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN
American Institute
for Cancer Research

Despite many studies, the effect of vitamin supplements on heart disease and cancer is uncertain. More...

State-Of-The-Art Hyperbaric

Chamber In Use At Maimonides

Maimonides Medical Center recently installed state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers in its renowned Wound Care Center. More...

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