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Candidates Square Off At Civic Assn. Meeting

By D. Rybstein
Candidates Square Off At Civic Assn. Meeting

Candidates Square Off At Civic Assn. Meeting

By D. Rybstein

Candidates for two area City Council districts — 45 and 46 — as well as a single entry for Civil Court judge, pitched their qualities to an enthusiastic crowd during a debate at a recent meeting of the Flatlands Civic Association held at the Glenwood Houses Senior Center. Association president Samuel Palmer and public relations aide Aiden Pursoo conducted the deliberation followed by a question and answer session.

Housing Court Judge Dawn Jiminez was looking to move up to Civil Court slot. She was proud of her record of being merit-selected to her current position.

"Only one time has a decision of mine been overturned at the appellate level in Housing Court," said Jiminez. The recent brouhaha over her residence in Brooklyn was nothing more than "rivals looking to derail her candidacy," she said.

Sam Taitt ripped into the incumbent he is running against in the 45th councilmanic district, Kendall Stewart. "Stewart betrayed his community by supporting Republican Gov. George Pataki and N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg on key issues affecting his district," fumed Taitt.

Stewart shot back that "Mayor Bloomberg is the mayor of all." "We need to have bridges to those who control resources," added Stuart. Both said they were against school vouchers.

Things were more sedate among those candidates vying for the 46th councilmanic seat. Democratic incumbent Lew Fidler faced Republican/Indepen-dent Susan Goodstein, as well as activist Democrats Elias Weir and Elizabeth King.

Fidler’s case for reelection was simple. "I was elected to serve my district and I have done my job and will continue to do my job; therefore I believe that I deserve and earned your support."

Fidler recited a litany of issues he was involved with in the council and the "bacon" he brought home to the district.

Weir, a nine-year Canarsie resident, argued that his election would ensure that "all parts of the 46th district would equally share" what comes the district’s way from City Hall, "not just certain parts like Mill Basin and Bergen Beach, but forgotten Canarsie as well."

"I am for school vouchers," said Goodstein. "Parents should have a choice as to where their children get educated," she continued.

Besides being the only candidate for vouchers, Goodstein also was the lone candidate supporting non-partisan elections, currently a hot issue. She proposed that the MTA start working with the dollar van drivers, "cause if you can’t beat them, join ‘em."

King, involved in school boards, helping battered women, and housing issues contended that with all her civic experience she "needed no on-the-job training." She railed against predatory lenders who seek to destroy neighborhood stability. Her message to single mothers was "if you strive you will ultimately succeed."

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