2003-08-07 / This Week's Attitude

This Week’s Attitude

Straight Or Gay, Family Values Are The Same
By Neil S. Friedman
This Week’s Attitude

This Week's Attitude

President Bush certainly has enough urgent items on his daily agenda, including enduring deaths of American GIs in Iraq, nukes in North Korea, the rebellion in Liberia and the depressed economy, so why did he need to spend time urging the prohibition of gay marriages.

In a recent speech, he directed Americans to respect homosexuals, but in the next breath he asked federal lawyers to develop legislation sanctioning marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman. (I wonder if that rule will include those who've had sex-change operations.)

It's a sad state of affairs, but not hard to comprehend, that early in the 21st century homophobia is so prevalent that there's a need for a Constitutional amendment forbidding it.

Why? Are all those macho men afraid it will encumber their manhood?

Naïve me. I thought civilization was more enlightened.

Next thing you know, the government will propose banning lefthanders from marrying right-handed people or tall people from uniting with the height challenged.

The essential reason this is even being discussed is because homosexual partners covet equal benefits available to same-sex partners, including healthcare, death settlements, inheritances, etc.

And making a law forbidding same sex marriages will not end or affect homosexual and lesbian relationships. Nor will it make heterosexual unions stronger or less prone to adultery. Nor will it reinforce imprecise family values.

For several decades half of all opposite sex marriages have failed. So if hetero marriages only work half the time, why are they deemed so prized?

In those so-called functioning marriages, I wonder how many partners engage in adultery - hetero or homosexual.

And how can the beleaguered Vatican and Catholic Church, which has the right to its hypocritical opinion, issue a 12-page document condemning gay marriages and gay adoptions before they first clean up their own internal mess.

Here's a group burdened by perverted priests for decades, but, not only did it choose to cover up the problem, but rewards the accused by relocating them to other communities, as if that reduces the shame or the problem.

In light of the scandal, most Catholics continue to be faithful, yet there's undoubtedly a segment that is repulsed by the Church's moral credibility gap.

Most states-37 to be exact-legally define marriage as a same sex union. New York is one of twelve states that have no law banning homosexual marriages, while Vermont recognizes gay civil unions, though not as an official marriage.

Massachusetts may be preparing the next chapter in same sex unions, which likely prompted the recent vocal opposition from the president and the Vatican. That state's Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case initiated by seven gay partners who want the state to grant them a marriage license. If the court, which previously has been lenient on gay rights' issues, supports the suit, it could pave the way for same sex domestic partner unions.

Ever since a Massachusetts court allowed a lesbian to adopt her partner's biological child, it opened the floodgates for gay adoptions. And I've yet to hear that children of gay parents have fared worse than children in same sex families. In fact, the National Adoption Center recently named a gay man and his three adopted children as "Family of the Year." Christian fundamentalists and political conservatives must have shuddered when they heard that!

And did you know that at least one statistic claims only 25 percent of the nation's households currently comprise the model family-mother, father and biological children.

The ultimate family value, whether parents are straight or gay, is nothing more than a safe, loving environment. Anyone who's got a problem with that is plainly a bigot and needs a heavy dose of reality.

In those homes with caring domestic partners - straight or gay - tolerance and respect for the rights of others are most likely taught and learned.

Far be it from me to judge sinners, but to paraphrase the Good Book, "Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone" - right at the hypocrites in the Vatican and Washington, who live in rose-colored, glass houses.

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