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Expert Tips On That Middle-Of-Summer Job Search

Expert Tips On That Middle-Of-Summer Job Search

The summer months can be an op-portune time to turn up the heat on your employment search. According to Max Messmer, chairman of Accoun-temps and author of Job Hunting For Dummies®, 2nd Edition (Hungry Minds, Inc.), "Many people slow their job search efforts during vacation season, which may leave fewer applicants for available positions."

This time of year can also offer more occasions for networking. "The pace at many businesses is slower during the summer, and as a result, managers may be more willing to grant informational interviews. Even if these individuals aren’t hiring currently, they can be resour-ces for future leads," said Messmer.

In addition, the summer season can mean more openings for temporary positions. "As employees take time off, managers frequently fill the gaps with interim professionals. This is an op-portunity for job seekers to get a foot in the door and showcase their talents," Messmer said.

Messmer offered the following tips for a summer job search:

• Don’t ease up. It is tempting to take time off from looking for work during the summer months, but this is precisely when an opportunity may arise. Continuing to give it 100 percent of your effort and commitment could give you an edge. This is particularly valuable in a competitive job market.

• Network. Everyone you know —

roommates, friends, neighbors and family — can be resources in your

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employment search. Spread the word that you are job hunting.

•Schedule informational interviews. While you shouldn’t use these discussions to ask for a position, they do allow you to expand your network. If you make a positive impression, you may be considered for future openings.

•Learn new skills. Take a summer class or workshop to build and expand your knowledge base.

•Do volunteer work. Offer your services to a professional association in your field to keep your skills current and gain access to companies that may be hiring.

•Consider temporary positions. Signing up with a staffing firm for temporary assignments can help you acquire additional work experience and earn an income while you continue your search. Temporary work can also lead to full-time employment opportunities.

Jon Zion, Accountemps director of Eastern and Canadian operations, said, "It has been a difficult hiring climate for some time, and anything job candidates can do to give themselves an upper hand is a step in the right direction."

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