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Soaps ©2003 Tribune Media Services

By Toby Goldstein
Soaps ©2003 Tribune Media Services By Toby Goldstein

Soaps ©2003 Tribune Media Services By Toby Goldstein

ALL MY CHILDREN: Kendall over-heard a mystery man’s phone call to Michael, telling him that Alex suffered a heart attack, and she realized that the man’s voice sounded like Ryan. Green-lee set fire to her collection of family photos and letters, then turned to Juan-Pablo, who offered friendship but re-fused to take her out of the country. Coming: Bianca admits the truth to Erica.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Rosanna threw a fit when Craig and Dusty de-cided to buy Java as partners. Mike rushed to the airport after realizing that Alison helped Katie run out on him. Paul offered Andreas a check to tell Jennifer he’s taking her back to Europe, while Barbara offered money for Andreas to leave Jennifer alone. Coming: Rick becomes increasingly desperate.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Thorne set up a room filled with photos and mementos to stop Macy from marrying Deacon. Even after Thorne kissed her and declared his love, Macy was determined to build a future with Dea-con. When Amber told Brooke that Macy is after her son, Brooke agreed and confronted Macy. Coming: An eventful wedding day.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Shawn over-heard Rex’s test results showing that the goop is a natural explosive, and alerted Bo. Fearing that the DiMeras would get the powerful weapon, Hope planned to give the needy Indian tribe enough charity funds to abort their sale and Bo blew up the cave. Lucas fumed to learn that Hope was responsible for destroying the goop. Coming: Jack considers a career change.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny, Jason and Ric rescued Carly from the clinic after she delivered her baby by an emergency C-section. Ric took a bullet meant for Sonny and flatlined while being held by Alcazar’s men. Mean-while, Alcazar held Courtney prisoner and ordered Jason to return Carly to him. Coming: Lucky and Lydia unite to fight Stefan.

GUIDING LIGHT: Marina finally opened up to Shayne about the trauma she suffered from Ben. Harley and Blake decided to start their own nonprofit detective agency and recruited Mel to join them. Eden received photos hinting that Tony was abusive to an unknown woman. When Marah accidentally saw the pics, Tony admitted that they are real. Coming: Phillip and Olivia unfreeze a little more.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Marcie’s peace protests led to threats from several students. When one was arrested, his girlfriend plotted revenge and invited Marcie to pledge her sorority. Walker outbid Asa for controlling interest in the Sun, intending to return it to Blair, who was deeply moved. Kelly asked Kevin and Blair if they are having an affair. Coming: Keri strikes back at Antonio.

PASSIONS: Charity was too late to prevent the death of Miguel and Kay’s baby, but "Death" told her she could still save the child by giving up Mi-guel. Everyone was stunned and ecs-tatic when the infant survived, but Charity mourned the loss of Miguel in her life, while Tabitha feared the consequences as Kay wanted to confess everything. Coming: Fox plays tricks with Whitney’s mind.

PORT CHARLES: Livvie fumed to see a photo Caleb and Alison in an apparently compromising position and planned her revenge. As Caleb’s music drew Christina to the stage, the light fixture Livvie had rigged to fall on Alison hit Kevin instead, seriously in-juring him. Coming: Lucy and Ian agree to help Kevin.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Under hypnosis, Chris recalled a struggle with Isabella, and feared that she kill-ed her. Victor forced Michael to bribe the companies by threatening to send Otis to the police, and Michael carried out Victor’s order. Coming: The police investigation heats up.

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