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Nab Suspect In Last Week’s

Shooting In Seaview Village
Nab Suspect In Last Week’s Shooting In Seaview Village

Police from to 69 Precinct Detec-tive Squad have made an arrest in last week’s shooting in Seaview Village.

Avery Frederick, 19, of Saratoga Avenue, was arrested on Wednesday, July 9th and charged with menacing and assault in the shooting of Joron John, 17, of Seaview Avenue on July 7th on Flatlands 9th Street.

According to Detective Frank Agos-tini, who made the arrest, John was shot in the leg as he tried to run from Frederick after being shot at while standing on the corner with friends at about 12:40 a.m.

He told police that a dark blue or black late-model Oldsmobile pulled up in front of him and a man jumped out and started shooting.

As his friends scattered, John ran into a backyard behind a house on East 105 Street and tried to climb a fence when he heard two shots and felt a pain in his leg. He fell to the ground and the shooter fled.

Witnesses called 911 and John was

taken to Brookdale Hospital by para

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medics and treated for a gunshot wound to the right leg. Emergency room doctors said the bullet shattered the bone in the victim’s leg. He was listed in stable condition.

"As it turned out," said Detective Matt Collins, who was also involved in the investigation. "Frederick had allegedly menaced the victim earlier in the evening with a vehicle anti-theft device while they were having a dispute apparently over a girl."

The suspect does not have a previous record, the detectives said. Charles Rogers

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