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Police Nab Canarsie Man Suspected Of Forging Checks

Police Nab Canarsie Man Suspected Of Forging Checks

A Canarsie man was arrested last week after he and an accomplice allegedly forged at least three checks in excess of $3,000 each with the intention of selling the checks to people who would then cash them at local banks, with the suspects taking a percentage of kickbacks from the people cashing them.

According to Detective Frank Agostini of the 69th Precinct Detective Squad, Ronnie Paine, 42, of East 108 Street, and Sydney Steward, 45, of Queens, were arrested and charged with forgery and the manufacture of false checks.

"Apparently they would just make up the checks themselves and get people to go to the bank to cash the checks," Agostini said. "Then they’d demand a percentage of the cashed check from the subjects."

The investigation was conducted in conjunction with U.S. Postal Service inspectors and is continuing.

Both Paine and Steward have extensive records dating back to the 1980s. In 1982, Paine was arrested on a robbery and a larceny charge. Other charges of possession of forgery instruments and robbery were lodged against him in 1983 and 1991.

Steward was charged with criminal possession of stolen property in 1989, assault in 1993 and criminal possession of marijuana in 2001.

Charles Rogers

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