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Memorial Day 2003

Memorial Day 2003

Millions of Americans will celebrate Memorial Day this Monday. The 137-year-old public holiday is a time when we solemnly remember the tens of thousands who fought and sacrificed their lives to maintain this nation’s principles and freedoms in eight conflicts from the American Revolution to the war in Iraq.

For generations ceremonies and parades have been held on the last Monday in May in communities from coast to coast. This year, in particular, Memorial Day takes on exceptional significance because scores of American soldiers recently perished in our effort to free the Iraqi people from the shackles of tyranny.

Therefore, as you, your loved ones and friends participate in Memorial Day activities, it would be reasonable and appropriate to take a few moments to keep in mind the spirit, courage and the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen countrymen, as well as those now serving in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other distant shores who are helping preserve and protect American liberty and the democratic way of life.

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