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First "Matrix" Sequel Is ‘Shooting Blanks’

AP Movie Writer

Andy and Larry Wachowski should double-check their ammo. The brothers behind 1999 More...

Museum Celebrating Central Park’s Sesquicentennial

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the legislation (July 21, 1853) that designated as "a public place" the lands that were to become New York More...


A Tender Novel About MarriageAssociated Press Writer

At 5 p.m., "the pope" would phone and Christina and Rudy would commence their cocktail hour. "Evenings at Five," (By Gail Godwin. Ballantine. More...

Classic Works Of Art On Exhibit At Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan currently has an exhibition of paintings by Spanish painters Edouard Manet and Diego Valasquez. More...


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