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The Middle
Even I Agree Saddam & Co. Had Enough Time
By Charles Rogers
View From The Middle By Charles Rogers

The Middle

Even I Agree Saddam & Co. Had Enough Time

I vacillated for awhile; sat on the fence, so to speak on this Iraq thing. One day I was Mr. Pacifist, saying, "What the hell right do we have to send 250,000 troops over there and blast Iraq?" The next day I mumbled to myself that, hey, how long are we going to let this Saddam Hussein guy toy with us.

Then I listened to President Bush, Britain’s Tony Blair and Spain’s Jose Maria Aznar after their summit meeting off Portugal a week before the bombing started and finally drew my own conclusion — notwithstanding our absurd City Council resolution — that we ought to blast the hell out of Saddam ASAP.

You cannot disagree that it has been long enough for this dictator to come to terms with what had been a defeat by UN forces in 1991. I mean, we’re talking about 12 years!

Nothing about the situation is simple, nor can it be simplified, but let’s whittle the situation down a bit:

First, the scenario had all the countries in the United Nations — except a few Arab and radical states — meeting and saying "Aye!, Aye!" or "Here!, Here!" whenever the topic of Iraq and that country’s illegal weapons came up. Resolution after resolution was passed that condemned the country for not doing what the U.N. (spell that U.S.) had twisted its arm into doing after the Gulf War.

Finally, last November, the 15-nation Security Council had had it. "Come on," they said, unanimously. "We’ve had it!" and they agreed to agree that something official should be done to Iraq and its leader for not obeying them in the first place and for being a threat to the world (maybe those reasons should be reversed).

"Well?" the U.S. asked. "Do you want us to threaten Hussein and maybe do a little arm twist-ing?" The answer from the U.N. was, "Hell yes. And we’ll send in some inspectors to make it look good!"

So the inspectors went in, and were jerked around by Saddam and Co., finding a few supposedly minor things and reporting their findings to headquarters. "Let’s wait awhile," said the U.N., "and then we’ll give him a warning to turn in all his weapons of mass destruction and tell him we’re going to send more inspectors again — OR ELSE." Then they sent more inspectors. Then more. Again and again. Each time, the inspectors came back and said, "well …it’ll take a few more months…"

Meanwhile, the U.S., along with Great Britain, was holding fast onto the original resolution, while some of the Security Council members began to pull back from their own conviction that Hussein was not abiding by it.

"But you said…" the U.S. mumbled. "You said we should all hang with our original statement. I mean, we’ve been allowing them to get away with it for 12 years!"

"Well," said France and Germany and a couple of others, "Let’s give them some more time…"

"No!" said Secretary of State Colin Powell. "They’ve had enough time. You agreed to go along with us on this and now you’re not going along with it. If we wait any longer, it will be too late. We must attack now!"

"Nah," the chickens said, openly admitting they’re trying to make us the scapegoat. "YOU attack now. We’ll wait ’til you’re done to reap the harvest. Oh, but let us know if you find any Wea-pons of Mass Destruction and of course we’ll help all we can!"

Sure they will.

I’m not on the fence any more.

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