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CHSTeacher Receives Award From March of Dimes

By Shantel Palacio
CHSTeacher Receives Award From March of Dimes By Shantel Palacio

By Shantel Palacio

Robert WinstonRobert Winston

Our world is inundated with illness and disorders. While everyone wants to live a healthy life, no one is safeguarded from ailments. Doctors and scientists work and research seeking reasons for diseases in an effort to improve health and increase longevity, however, they can’t do it alone and others need to become more aware of their innovations.

One individual who joined that effort is Robert Winston of Canarsie High School. Winston recently received a $1,500 cash reward for a class project he initiated on fostering student awareness of biomedical sciences and how they relate to birth defects. For his 84-page curriculum, How and Why Some People Get Sick, Winston was awarded the March of Dimes Nelson Rosenthal Teacher Award because it related to the voluntary health agency’s life science topic. Winston proudly accepted his award at a March 13 ceremony at Hunter College.

Winston came to Canarsie High School last September after 22 years in the New York City public school system and a year teaching in Nassau County. At Canarsie, the Ivy League educated teacher was assigned biology and general science classes, in-cluding an honors biology class where he developed the idea for his award-winning project.

Winston said he initiated the venture because all individuals should be informed of the rudiments and other elements pertaining to this topic — especially students. In addition to writing grants for Canarsie, he plans on organizing students to conduct experiments and research activities so they become more sensitive and have a better understanding of the facets of genetic, in order to become efficient decision makers, ready for the world. "Being able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life is essential," Win-ston said.

"People need to be more informed about the world around them because we can either change the world, save it or watch others ruin it" Winston stated. "I believe each person can make a difference and slowly change the world."

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