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Youth Suing The City As A Result Of

Youth Suing The City As A Result Of

Stabbing Last Year At South Shore H.S.

By Charles Rogers

Stating they failed to guard his safety, a youth who was stabbed in a hallway at South Shore High School last year is suing the city and the Department of Education for $8 million.

Gary Dormer, 16, was stabbed in the abdomen on March 19, 2002, by another student, Nadell Cox, 18, who admitted he plunged a foot-long knife into his fellow student. Cox, who had transferred to South Shore only a month before the incident, has been charged with first degree assault and is scheduled for sentencing next month.

The hallway attack was witnessed by several students. Authorities said at the time that the two youths had been disputing over a girl and had had a few confrontations previously. Police Officer Jennaro Everleth, an NYPD spokesperson, said there was apparently no gang involvement.

Quoted in the New York Post this week, Dormer’s lawyer, Jeffrey Pollack said, "They have security guards and metal detectors and the guy came in with a knife big enough to go through his body."

Steven Berger, principal of the school, said he would have not comment on either the incident or the law- suit.

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