2003-03-27 / Other News

It’s Time To Pray

It’s Time To Pray

It is now a time for prayer. As our armed forces — more than 250,000 strong —engage in battle thousands of miles from home, there are those here who differ in their opinion as to the purpose, value and, indeed, rationale for the conflict. The fact remains that our soldiers, sailors and marines are there, in the midst of a fight that we fervently pray will be short lived. Whether for or against our efforts in Iraq, we must never lose sight of the fact that we have a right to express our opinions, a right not given to people of some other lands, one of which is Iraq itself.

President Bush said, "We enter this conflict reluctantly," but the alternative is to live in fear. As our brave troops enter Baghdad, we must support them. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we pray for their safe — and expeditious — return home.

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