2003-03-06 / Other News

Drug Possession Suspect Gets Another

Charge From Anti-Crime Cops: Bribery

A man arrested last Friday on a drug possession charge may have another charge to go along with it, according to two 69 Precinct police officers — bribery.

While patrolliing the community, Anti-Crime Unit Police Officer Thomas VanSchuyler and his partner, Officer Jarrod Lasky, saw a man talking on his cell phone while driving near East 83 Street and Foster Avenue at about 9 p.m. on February 28, according to a report filed at the stationhouse.

After stopping the car, Vanschuyler discovered two kilos of alleged cocaine in the back seat and arrested Anthony Smitherman, 37, address unknown, and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance, an A-1 felony.

While being booked by VanSchuytler at the stationhouse, Smitherman allegedly told the officer he would give him "a large amount of cash — plus the cocaine," according to the report, if he would drop all the charges and let him go free.

VanSchuyler then informed his supervisor and told the suspect he was being charged with bribery.

Charles Rogers

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