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From The Mayor’s Desk...

Building The Next New York

From The Mayor’s Desk...

Building The Next New York

The original World Trade Center stood as a symbol of our city. It was a beacon to people around the world seeking freedom and opportunity. For that reason, it became a target for terrorism.

In the spirit of remembrance and renewal, the process of redeveloping the World Trade Center site must have three objectives: To memorialize, for all time, what happened on 9/11; to remake the site a center of global culture and commerce; and to integrate the area into a revitalized Lower Manhattan. Last week, with the selection of the design team led by Studio Daniel Libeskind, we took a long step toward fulfilling all of those goals.

The spiritual center of the site will be on a restored Greenwich Street, connected to the area south of Liberty Street for the first time since the early 1960s. At that location, a memorial to the victims of 9/11 will stand, framed by the preserved slurry walls of the original World Trade Center. To enter the memorial, you will pass through a museum dedicated to the events of that tragic day. The memorial and museum will become shrines to freedom-loving people everywhere.

On Fulton Street-also extended through the site-an inspiring and soaring tower will be built. For the tenth time in history, Lower Manhattan will witness construction of the world’s tallest building-guaranteed to become an internationally recognized icon of our New York. There will also be a new conference center and hotel-a global meeting place unlike any we now have.

An attractively designed new PATH train station will have connections to subway lines and, ultimately, to the Long Island Rail Road and direct access to Kennedy and Newark airports.

New public places-including a new square at the intersection of Church and Fulton Streets-will attract private investment to the rest of the site. Such investment will radiate out to the surrounding area, helping make Lower Manhattan a vibrant commercial and residential neighborhood-a true 21st century downtown for the world’s greatest city.

The selection of Studio David Libeskind to redesign the World Trade Center site emerged from a process that was creative, competitive, and extraordinarily public. In short, it was a true New York City experience-and it gave us a design that will restore Lower Manhattan to its rightful place in the world.

No one who lived through 9/11 will ever forget it; that’s especially true for the families most directly affected. Out of our shared loss has come a resolve to build the next New York-a city whose greatness will pay tribute, for generations to come, to those who perished. Last week’s selection of the design team for reclaiming the World Trade Center site marked an important milestone toward achieving that goal.

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