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Police Seek Residents’ Help In Food Delivery Robberies

By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

In light of a recent spate of robberies of people delivering food, especially in the East 80 Street-Paerdegat area, police are requesting the cooperation of the public in reporting "suspicious people lurking in doorways and driveways at night."

Sergeant James O’Neill of the 69 Precinct Detective Squad said this week that there have been reports where food-deliverers, especially those delivering Chinese food, have been robbed as they arrive at their destination.

"From the reports we’ve been receiving," O’Neill said, "the restaurant gets a phone call requesting a delivery. When the delivery guy gets there, the location is either at a side door or sometimes a rear door that requires the person to walk along a community driveway." He said that during the recent robberies the suspect usually lurks in the shadows and then uses a gun, threatening the victim.

"So far, none of the victims has gotten hurt because they’ve given up the money without a fight. We’re afraid, however, that one of these times that gun is going to go off, whether on purpose or by accident. We don’t want that to happen." He said the restaurants have been directed to warn their deliverers not to fight with the thieves because of the danger involved.

The detective also said that, while some of the robberies have occurred south of Flatlands Avenue, a few have been noted in the East 80s near Glenwood Road.

He said Detective Matthew Collins has been assigned to handle the case and that all calls regarding information should be directed to him at 1-718-257-6215.

"Of course, if you see the crime being committed," O’Neill added, "call the emergency number 911 immediately."

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