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"Bomb/Extortion Threat" At 69th Pct.

"Bomb/Extortion Threat" At 69th Pct.

A man who allegedly threatened to bomb the 69th Precinct stationhouse at Foster Avenue and Rockaway Parkway unless he was paid protection money amounting to $50 billion was easily arrested last week when he gave police his home address and telephone number, police said.

Delroy Lindsay, who lives in Spring Creek Towers, Starrett City, was brought to the local precinct and charged with making terrorist threats and aggravated harassment after he also threatened to blow up the 71st and 75th Precincts and, eventually, "all police stationhouses." As he was brought in, police here said they heard him ask to see "President Reagan" before he would talk to anyone.

Captain Robert Johnsen, commanding officer of the local precinct said Lindsay called at about 4:15 on January 15th to make the threat and gave his address as Louisiana Avenue. When a check was made, there was no one at that address but a trace of the phone call determined it was made from the Rockaway Parkway subway terminal.

"While officers searched throughout to stationhouse for a bomb, others checked out the phones," said Captain Johnsen, "and found a call had come from one of the phone booths there." He said the toll booth clerk at the subway station described a caller she had seen at the time of the call.

"There was no bomb found at the precinct," Johnsen said. "The suspect was encountered shortly afterwards standing in front of his Starrett City building and admitted making the phone calls."

Lindsay’s status is being evaluated while the investigation continues, Johnsen said. Charles Rogers

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