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Transit Boss: B-42 Bus Bunching Will Get "Increased Attention"

By Charles Rogers

Transit Boss: B-42 Bus Bunching Will Get "Increased Attention"

By Charles Rogers

In answer to a number of complaints received regarding the "bunching up" of B-42 buses on Rockaway Parkway, State Senator John Sampson corresponded with Lawrence G. Reuter, president of New York City Transit recently.

"An example of the complaints was one I received from one of my constituents, Reverend Andrew Benford," said Sampson. "I was eager to relay the complaint to the proper people to see if the problem could be alleviated and I was pleased that Mr. Reuter was so prompt in answering."

The complaints centered on how many of the buses come in "bunches," during morning and evening rush hours, sometimes with two and three lined up in a row and riders being crammed into the first one or two and the third being relatively empty. Those who miss those buses then have to wait — sometimes as much as 20 minutes — before they make the round trip and return to pick them up.

In a letter received last week, Reuter told Sampson that he understands the frustration that exists when "even our best efforts to keep buses on schedule and properly spaced" don’t work out.

"A single gridlocked intersection caused by police, fire, emergency medical service , street repair or a special event will slow traffic or bring it to a standstill," Reuter wrote. "Buses that were dispatched according to schedule will then catch up with each other."

He said the buses on the B-42 route, which travels from the Rockaway Parkway Station at Glenwood Road to Canarsie Pier, are scheduled to leave the pier every three-and-a-half minutes.

"With buses scheduled this close together, it takes extremely close supervision to prevent bunching and to break it up when it occurs. We have directed Brooklyn road operations personnel to give increased attention to the B-42 bus route."

Senator Sampson said if you have questions, complaints or commendations about buses, you can call the Bus Customer Relations Center at 1-888-NYCT-BUS.

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