2002-09-26 / Arts & Entertainment

Tuning In

By Sally Stone

By Sally Stone

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GOOD NEWS: There’s a report that Christopher Reeve has regained the ability to move the fingers on his left hand and the toes on both feet. He can also feel a pin prick on several areas of his body and can tell the difference between hot and cold, and dull and sharp. Doctors are amazed, noting that it’s been seven years since he was paralyzed, and improvement rarely happens after two. A few weeks ago I reported on ABC’s scheduled Sept. 18 airing of the special "Christopher Reeve: Courageous Steps," which focused on Reeve’s day-to-day struggle to keep his vow to walk again, despite the odds against him. Perhaps Reeve will prove that when it comes to the human spirit, even the improbable becomes possible.

From the Peacock’s Nest: Gene Wilder also refused to accept the medically "inevitable" and eventually won his long, hard battle against a usually fatal form of lymphoma. Now in total remission, Wilder has resumed his career in films and theater. He is also returning to television in a guest role on NBC’s "Will & Grace," playing Will’s (Eric McCormack) absentee boss at his law firm. The episode will air during the November sweeps. And yes, Wilder fans, there is some talk that his character could be recurring.

"Friends" welcomes Paul Rudd ("Clueless"), who starts a multi-episode guest run in a few weeks as Phoebe’s (Lisa Kudrow) new boyfriend.

Another Peacock nestling, "Scrubs," is fast becoming known for its on-target selection of just the right background music to fit the on-screen action. That music is now available on a newly released CD from Hollywood Records called, appropriately enough, "Scrubs." Some of the performing artists are Colin Hay, Shawn Mullins, and the Eels.

Finally, "Farscape" fans are expected to rally e-mail support to reinstall the series on the Sci-Fi network after its unexpected cancellation in early September.

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