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By Toby Goldstein

ALL MY CHILDREN: Maria refused to press charges against David, grateful that he saved her life. Anna would not forgive David and subpoenaed Liza for materials relating to his research. Promised immunity, Liza turned over everything David asked her to hide. When David stopped Anna from leaving with the evidence, she pulled a gun on him. Coming: Anna suffers a medical crisis.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Susan was determined to send Alison to school when her scholarship was withdrawn. Alison got herself thrown out of the school, prompting Susan to threaten Alison with family court. Will played with matches in the Snyder barn, starting a fire that resulted in head injuries to him. Coming: The search for Stenbeck intensifies.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Erica secretly submitted a demo tape for the new Ambrosia jingle, and it was a hit with Rick, Thorne and Kristen. To celebrate, Rick took Erica out, but her attempt to seduce him backfired when he declared that he still loves his wife. Bridget was accepted into an accelerated premed program and took C.J. to the ceremony, but was pleasantly surprised when Eric and Brooke came to show their support. Coming: Erica seeks a new way to get to Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nancy learned that she’s pregnant and hoped the baby could be a donor match for Chloe. Belle had a fight with Shawn and invited Philip to stay in her room after Victor cut him off. Cynthia overheard their plan and was bent on revenge. Meanwhile, Chloe and Brady shared their first real kiss. Armed with information from Colin about the twins, Tony was confident that they are a product of Stefano’s. Coming: Philip makes a fool of himself.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brenda prevented Alcazar from shooting Jax as he and Skye exchanged wedding vows. Roy struggled with Alcazar, who was shot during the fight. Brenda fled and stunned Jax when he saw her at the lake house. Roy agreed to leave town with Felicia. Courtney was distressed when someone left her a photo of herself as Daisy and she began to receive disturbing phone calls. Coming: Brenda professes her love to Jax.

GUIDING LIGHT: Alexandra leaked news of Alan’s illness to the press, causing Spaulding stock to plummet. Cassie was thrilled when Alexandra bought out the Beacon to stay in with her entourage. Recognizing their feelings for Bill and Olivia, respectively, Beth and Phillip split up. Unaware of this, Olivia got closer to Alan and accepted his marriage proposal. Coming: Alexandra snoops into Alan’s business.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jen was thrilled, but Christian was shocked, when the doctor confirmed that she’s pregnant. Cristian insisted to Natalie that he doesn’t want to marry Jen, but she said they couldn’t be together with Jen pregnant. Liza was horrified to see Keri in Antonio’s arms, and to learn that Keri is successfully carrying Liz’s baby. Coming: Sam confronts Blair about their feelings.

PASSIONS: Luis insisted that he and Sheridan tell Antonio the truth, but Sheridan stunned Luis by saying that they can’t be together anymore. Unable to stay away from Luis, Sheridan tricked Antonio into taking a sleeping pill, then went to be with Luis, while Antonio awoke and began searching for her. TC told Whitney about his tragic past, leading her to realize that she can’t let him down. Coming: Theresa focuses on getting Ethan back.

PORT CHARLES: Rafe told Alison he returned to earth to say goodbye. Alison opted to leave town, and raced to Rafe when he appeared alongside the train. Ian found a clue in Rafe’s notes on how to destroy the Avatar and was victorious. Livvie suffered severe abdominal pains as the shroud burst into flames when Karen reached for it. Coming: Kevin discovers something upsetting about Lucy.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After being grilled by the police about the fire, Phyllis retained Michael as her lawyer. Jack was unnerved when Jill told him that Phyllis asked Larry about hiring a hit man. John disapproved of Colleen spending time with JT, but she brushed it off and met JT at a poetry reading, where he showed interest in her. Coming: Brittany prepares for her day in court.

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