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Cops Trace Local Suspect

To Town Outside Boston
By Charles Rogers

A possible suspect in a number of burglaries throughout the local area was arrested last week after police from the 69th Precinct Detective Squad were able to trace his fingerprints and track him down — traveling all the way to a town near Boston, Mass. to do so.

According to Detective Peter Pilarte, who is handling the case, the suspect, Carl McCleod, 24, of Halsey Street, Brooklyn, fled to the city of Lynn, Mass. after a series of burglaries here early in 2002.

"When we were investigating a burglary that took place last February 21 on East 101 Street near Avenue M, we ordered fingerprint testing on one of the rear windows of the house that was robbed," said Pilarte. "After going through the FBI’s fingerprint files extensively, it turned out that the prints belonged to McCleod, who has a pretty long list of arrests."

Pilarte and Detective Tom DeFonte started checking on the whereabouts of McCleod, first attempting to locate him at and around his East New York home but discovering he had apparently left town.

"At that point, we sent out requests and identification information through the police network in the hope that the suspect might have violated a law and been arrested elsewhere," he noted.

The network information "hotline" paid off a week ago when a report came from the Lynn, Mass. Police Department saying that McCleod’s name was among those who were recently picked up on minor misdemeanor charges.

"It was a good stroke of luck," Pilarte said. "They said he was being arraigned and would probably have been released shortly after that if we hadn’t called and told them he was wanted here." He said the suspect waived extradition.

On August 6, Pilarte and DeFonte drove to the little town north of Boston and picked up McCleod, bringing him back to the Foster Avenue stationhouse and charging him with burglary and criminal mischief. Pilarte said the suspect was also wanted on two open bench warrants of unspecified charges. In the meantime, they are checking on his possible involvement in other burglaries here.

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