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Council Baseball All-Star Games Highlight The Halfway Point

The Clinic ’s sluggers opened up on August 5 in grand fashion. Achievement Awards went to Adewale Aregbesola, Andrew Sutchenm Marcus Darious, and Rashad Harris. Their outstanding play and commitment to excellence won it for them.

Half-way through the season, and on their second game two days later, one might think the Clinic kids would be a bit sluggish, but that was not the case. The youngsters came out swinging. For their remarkable play, Dante Francis, Davonte Johnson, Jamel Bodden, and Anthony Thompson received Achievement Awards. They were cheered by parents, friends, and teammates. As the kids get better, the competition is starting to heat up, so those awards will be harder to win.

The annual Farm All-Star game on August 5 was very competitive and filled with offense. The finals score was 15-14. The A, D, and F teams outscored the B, C and E Teams.

The rosters were: Bronson Blake, Winston Sampson, Jeremy Melo, and Matthew Blackburn representing the A team; Darvis Rodriguez, Shaquille Williams, Reggie Blaise, and Alonzo Providence representing the D team; Terrel Roberts, Mitchell Morales, Kevin Morales, and Xavier Spears for the F team; Matthew Zalon, Gabrielle Ali, Stephen Norman, and Nicholas Ali representing the C team; Jason Fowler, Courtney Cox, Sean Grimes, and Kevin Walker with the B team, and Avid Marrero, Shawn Jimenez, Maqueda Sylan, and Daquan Holiday representing the E team.

The game lived up to all expectations and some would even say it was better than the Major League All-Star game. It was more exciting and had a great finish. Congratulations to all the All-Star players.

Athe games on August 7 featured a great match-up. The D team outscored the C team 12-9. Nicholas Ali was 5 for 5 with a monstrous home run. Gabrielle Ali was 4 for 5. Stephen Norman was 4 for 5, and not to be outdone, Terrel James went 3 for 4. Reggie Blaise was 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a triple. Shaquille Williams was 2 for 3 with a double and a homerun. Marlin Gordon was 3 for 3 with a double and a homerun, and Nashaun Cruz chipped in with a double. Outstanding defense was played by Rasheed Best and Alonzo Providence.

The Minor Division’s August 5 All-Star 5 is a tradition that goes back decades. The combined team of the B, F, and D teams outscored the E, A, and C squads, 8-2.

The rosters for the teams are as follows: The C team sent Jason Giambi, Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, and Alfonso Soriano.....hold on, that’s the Yankees. But you could barely tell the difference with how these guys played. Representing the C team was Antonette Grant, Fred Wright, Manley Craddle, and Bryant Gordon. Representing the A team was Ricardo Ali, Mike Towers, Brand Swaby, and Mark Cartwell. Representing the E team was Erica McRea, Jesus Martinez, Everst John, and Alonzo Thompson. Representing the D team was Jeremy Tilly, Craig McClary, Luigi Fernandez, and Rich Fernandez. Representing the F team was Djavan Perry, Marcus Perry, Sean Atkinson, and John Lee. Representing the B team was Airon Melo, Ricardo Izzard, Teran Allen, and Dashon Kiah.

The game was one that created a buzz through Seaview Park. It is one that will not be soon forgotten.

Returning two days after the All-Star game the A team and the F team played to a 4-4 tie. And who said there’s no "tying" in baseball. The offensive stars of the game were Jerron John, Mark Morris, and Schelisa Gilpin. The defensive star of the game was Jerron John with two great stops in the field. Congratulations on a great week of baseball. Let’s look forward to the second half and the post-season.

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