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Glossary of Cricket Terms

All Rounder: A person who can bat and bowl with equal ease All round Spin: A bowler who can spin the ball both ways with equal ease Bails: The wooden pieces connecting the stumps on the wicket

Batsman: The batter or "striker"

Boundary: The fence; if ball hits boundary 4 runs; over boundary 6 runs

Bowler: The pitcher

Bowling Average: Runs Given / Wickets taken

Century: 100 runs in an inning

Close-Catching Positions: Fielders inside 15 yards

Crease: Lines drawn at ends of the pitch determining safe and unsafe areas for the batsmen

Dead Ball: A ball that has no value to the game e.g. it bounced twice.

Duck: Zero runs

Hit Wicket: Getting an out by hitting the wicket

Infield: Inside 30 yards

Innings: Time period when a team bats

LBW: Leg Before Wicket – if it’s determined that ball hits your leg and

would have hit the wicket, you’re out!

Maiden Over: An over without a run scored

Medium Fast: A ball thrown 70-80 mph

Medium Pace: A ball between 60-70 mph

Medium Slow: A ball between 50-60 mph

No Ball: An illegal ball bowled.

Orange: A very fast ball over 100 mph

Over: 6 balls bowled

Partnership: Runs scored between two batsmen till they get out

Pinch Hitters: A batsman sent up the order to increase the run rate

Pitch: The playing region; Region where the ball lands.

Placement: Region where the batsman hits the ball

Runner: A batsman sent to run between the wickets for an injured batsman

Slow: A ball bowled below 50 mph

Stumps: The sticks that the batsmen defend

Tests: Matches played over 5 days

Tie: Matches which both teams land up with identical scores.

Toss: A pre match routine to decide who bats first

Wicket: The stumps the batsman must protect

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