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Pair Arrested

In Four-Month Old
Canarsie Robbery
By Charles Rogers

In Four-Month Old
Canarsie Robbery

Police from the 69th Precinct Detective Squad recently arrested two men on charges of robbery and possession of a loaded firearm that has led to the solving of another case that happened here last April.

The arrests of Taufiq Ibraham, 24, and Askia Coble, 23, both of Starrett City, took place as a result of a robbery where the two men allegedly stole $700 from a man as he walked near his home on Twin Pines Drive on July 31.

A police report stated one of the suspects allegedly produced a .9 mm handgun and threatened the victim when they were showing him a car he thought they were selling. After they took his money and fled,the victim, who was not injured, was able to give a description of the suspects and they were apprehended a short time later, along with Mitchell Harvey, 22, of Queens, who was their alleged driver.

The story doesn’t end there, however.

Detectives Matt Collins and Tom DeFonte, along with Anti Crime Unit Officer Tim Seward, got hold of the information and decided to check it in relation to some other robberies that had occurred in the 69 Precinct area. Being experienced cops, they noticed there were a few characteristics that matched the robbery last April. According to Collins, a man from White Plains, N.Y. was looking to buy a car and answered an ad in a monthly magazine for a 1993 Jeep Cherokee.

"The person the victim called told him to meet him in front of a store on Rockaway Parkway on April 22 at about 7 p.m.," the detective said. "When he and a friend he brought with him arrived, the suspect told them to follow him to East 102 Street near Avenue M, where the car was."

He said when they arrived, one of the suspects got out of their car, displayed a gun and said, "Give me the money!" He then took the money and the victim’s car keys and got back in his car, fleeing in an unknown direction.

While the local police were checking out the statistics and modes of operation in various cases, including the Starrett City incidents, they decided to see if the victim in the April case could identify them.

"We got a positive identification on Ibraham and Coble," said Collins, "and we picked them up last week." He said they were charged with the robbery and possession of a firearm for that incident and with robbery, weapons possession and criminal possession of a controlled substance on the Starrett City incidents, since, the detective said, they both allegedly possessed two bags of cocaine.

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