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Ex-Con Suspect Caught On Street With Concealed Weapon

By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

Keeping track of those who have been in jail before and have been released is a general tactic of the police, generally for no other reason than to see that the ex-con stays out of trouble.

Such was the case on June 29 at 5:50 a.m. when Sergeant Richard Eisenberg and Police Officer Thomas Van Schuyler of the 69th Precinct were patrolling the Rockaway Parkway shopping strip and spied the familiar face of Kendall Brown, 20, of East 103 Street, who had recently been released from jail, among the pre-dawn strollers and decided to ask him what he was doing out on the street at that hour.

But as the officers approached him at the corner of Conklin Avenue, Brown quickly turned and started running east towards East 99th Street.

The officers took pursuit and quickly caught up with Brown and saw that he had an alleged handgun stuck in his waistband. He was arrested on the spot.

"Actually, we had been looking for Brown for the previous two weeks so we could question him about an assault case," said Captain Robert Johnsen, commander of the precinct. "Our officers were aware of this and I guess the suspect knew it too. That’s probably why he started running." He commended Eisenberg and Van Schuyler and said, "That’s pretty sharp work, because they also saw that all the markings had been filed from the gun they recovered. Now there’s another gun taken off the streets."

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