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Wanted To Have "Fat" Wife Whacked: Cops...


Wanted To Have "Fat" Wife Whacked: Cops...



Wives, Family Were Alleged Targets Of Two Conspirators, Say Police

By Charles Rogers

A 40-year old Canarsien and his 45-year-old business partner were arrested last weekend for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill their wives. Their big problem, however, was in their choice of hit men: an undercover cop working for the Kings County district attorney.

According to NYPD spokesperson Detective Valerie St. Rose, Mohammed Khatib of Bedell Lane and his partner, Mohammed Kadry, of Seventh Street, Brooklyn, were picked up at the former suspect’s Canarsie home near East 87th Street after they reportedly gave the "hit man" a .38 caliber revolver and $1,000 in cash to kill their wives and some other members of their family.

Detective St. Rose corroborated reports that the pair provided photos and locations where the hits might be made and that the supposed motive was so that both men would be rid of their wives. One source told the New York Post that Khatib "didn’t like the way his wife had gotten so fat."

St. Rose said the operation was conducted when Khatib allegedly met the hit man in a doughnut shop and told him he wanted to kill a number of relatives. The undercover officer reported the incident to authorities and then met with the suspects on June 21, at which time they showed pictures of their intended victims and went to their homes.

St. Rose said the police officer involved worked closely on the case with officers from the NYPD Intelligence Division, which officially made the arrest. She said both men were being charged with conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation and criminal possession of a weapon. If convicted, they could face up to 25 years in jail.

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