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Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

Jill Jackson’s Hollywood

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Oscar winners Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly are set to co-star in "House of Sand and Fog," based on the 1999 novel by Andre Dubus III. ... Oscar winner Susan Sarandon teams with Leelee Sobieski in "A Whale In Montana" about a widowed doctor and her young daughter who live in a small town, and the hurdles she must overcome. After that, Leelee goes into a remake of "Les Liaisons dangereuses" with the ever beautiful Catherine Deneuve. Interestingly, this will be shot simultaneously in English and in French. Usually a film is shot in one language with subtitles. ... Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale team up in "Tiptoes," the story of a young women who finds herself pregnant, but the man doesn’t want her to have the baby because he comes from a long line of "little people," including his twin brother, played by Gary Oldman. I’m told Oldman will be transformed into a little person by "a combination of forced perspective and blue screen." Whatever that means. And further on the subject of films ...

FAVORITE FILMS: Denny Tackett of Olive Hill, Ky., lists his as: "Apocalypse Now," "From Dusk Till Dawn," "The Exorcist," "Being There," "Some Like It Hot," "Mad Max," "In the Mouth of Madness," "Home Movies," "Amadeus" and "Curse of the Undead." Send us yours care of KFWS, P.O. Box 536475 Orlando, FL 32853.

"They are." "They aren’t." "Maybe." Who knows! One day I hear Tom Cruise has told Penelope it’s over, the next day I hear they are together. Personally, I don’t care. At the risk of being pelted, let me say I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan. I also heard he is about to make another picture and wants Nicole in it. Hopefully she will stick to her answer — "No Way!" At this point her career is hotter than his.

Just when I thought everything that could be written or said about Clark Gable (pictured) had been written or said, along comes another biography titled "Clark Gable." If you haven’t read the others, this will tell you everything you want to know about "The King," except the ever unanswered question that everyone asks: "Did he have false teeth?" I once asked Virginia Grey, the gal to whom he always turned but never married. She would not answer me. The new bio is by Warren G. Harris and published by Harmony Books.


BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Talk around town still is "if Russell Crowe hadn’t unendeared himself to so many people, he would have taken home the Best Actor Oscar." Everyone was happy for Denzel Washington, but his role wasn’t the acting stretch that Russell had in "A Beautiful Mind." ... The willowy Gwyneth wanted to be even more willowy, so the lovely Paltrow spent a week at a Malibu workout camp where she hiked 15 miles a day and ate nothing but lettuce. Or so I’m told. ... Determined to prove she could do it without Daddy, Tori Spelling took to the legitimate stage at a small playhouse in West Hollywood. The play was "Maybe Baby, It’s You," and her reviews were good. ... Looks like everything is back to OK with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. ... Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are co-starring in a flick, and word is that they are also seeing eye-to-eye personally. ... Then, I hear from some sources that Nic Cage and Lisa Marie are back together, from others that he has a new companion in supermodel Frankie Rayder. ... Sigourney Weaver gets back to work after mourning the death of her father, radio and TV mogul Sylvester "Pat" Weaver. She stars in "The Guys," about a fire captain’s response to losing his men on 9/11. It’s adapted from a one-act play. ... AND didya know that Ashley Judd is a University of Kentucky graduate with a Phi Beta Kappa key?

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