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ALL MY CHILDREN: Ryan and Kendall made love. Adam wanted Mia to help him have Liza declared incompetent, but Mia instead worked to get Liza discharged and returned home, where she shared a happy reunion with Colby. Trey trashed Leo’s character, but couldn’t turn Vanessa against Leo. Coming: Jamie is a source of concern.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Barbara persuaded Stenbeck to take her with him and stop Hal from harming Jack. Jack reunited with Carly, who was devastated to see herself prematurely aged. Rosanna noted Craig’s devotion to Carly and Parker, while Rosanna giving Parker a fortune piqued Craig’s interest. Coming: An all-out search for Molly.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Against Jonathan’s advice, Ridge signed the contract with Massimo. Ridge then told Clarke he wants to buy Spectra, and Clarke got a drunken Sally to sign the document. Massimo tore up the papers and wanted to do it the right way, while Sally became newly interested when Ridge said he wants to use Spectra to get back at Brooke. Coming: Erica becomes a fixture in Amber’s life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo and Hope shared one last night with JT after the judge awarded sole custody to Glen. Meanwhile, Lexie gave damaging information about Bo and Hope to a reporter to hurt their chances of getting Isaac. Abe overheard the conversation and moved out, leaving Lexie devastated but unbowed. Coming: Jack moves in with Mom.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Edward informed the furious Quartermaines that he invited the newly married A.J. and Courtney to move into the mansion. A.J. manipulated Courtney to talk to Sonny about Michael’s return. Sonny and Alexis graduated to lovemaking, only to have Carly discover them in bed. Coming: Luke makes a discovery.

GUIDING LIGHT: Tory climbed into bed with a drugged Ross and taped it, but Blake recognized it as a fake. Tory then presented a panicked Blake with a video of Tory with Clarissa. Richard asked the bank for a loan and didn’t tell Cassie, but Alan found out. Alan bought half of the Beacon for Olivia, although Cassie refused to sell him the other half. Coming: Tony steels himself for the trial.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Todd convinced Alex to return with him to Llanview. Initially outraged by Todd’s donor plans, Alex agreed to give Jack her bone marrow to prove herself to Asa, and she was found to be a perfect match. Shawna told Keri that R.J. had put her up to the scheme, but R.J. lied to Keri and denied it. Coming: R.J. confronts Keri.

PASSIONS: At the masquerade ball, a disguised Luis and Sheridan shared a dance but never caught on to each other’s identity. Waiting at the airport to return home, Luis kept thinking about Sheridan, but promised Beth that he wants a future with her. Coming: Lingering memories affect Sheridan.

PORT CHARLES: James tempted Rafe with the chance for a normal life with Alison in return for his soul. When Rafe declined, James revealed that Ed is Rafe’s father. Livvie’s plan to get rid of witchcraft in Port Charles involved dosing a candle with a hallucinogenic drug, which almost did great harm to Jack. Coming: Mac questions Alison as Lucy worries.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Amanda was stunned to see Ralph at her door. When Paul refused to be pressured into marriage, Isabella told him to move out since he won’t make a commitment. After an intimate dinner with Victor, Nikki was thrown when Victor said he had to leave town for a while, and wouldn’t say why. Coming: Chris and Paul have an encounter.

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