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From The Mayor’s Desk...

From The Mayor’s Desk...

From The Mayor’s Desk...

Balanced Budget, School Reform

Mayor’s Goals For Next 100 Days

April 10th marked the 100th day of my term as Mayor. What have we accomplished? Plenty. New York remains the safest big city in the nation. Serious crime is down. There have been almost a third fewer murders this year compared to the same period last year. The Fire Department also is rebuilding and will soon be back to full strength.

Lower Manhattan’s restoration has been remarkable. Streets and subway stations have reopened; so have offices and stores.

Earlier this month, President Bush agreed to return Governors Island to New York City. Over the next 100 days, we’ll start to establish a flagship City University campus there, a Harvard in the harbor. In addition, we’ll focus on these four major goals:

•Balancing the city budget without raising taxes. We face tough economic times, and increasing taxes would discourage the new jobs and investment we badly need. By July 1st, the city must adopt a balanced budget for the next 12 months. With the cooperation of the City Council, the State Legislature and the municipal unions, we’ll pass a budget that doesn’t lay off city workers or impose new taxes.

•Making the mayor accountable for the success of our schools. I’m more confident than ever that state government will establish mayoral control of the schools this spring, and just as importantly, establish the means for making parents fuller partners in their children’s education. Both these reforms are essential to getting our schools back on track.

•Coming up with a better plan for handling the city’s garbage. The Department of Sanitation’s budget is more than one billion dollars, and it will only increase down the road. We now export most of our waste to other states. Reopening the Fresh Kills landfill isn’t the solution. So over the next 100 days, we’ll develop a new solid waste management system that is economically and environmentally responsible and politically feasible.

•Jump-starting the conversion of the Farley Post Office on West 33rd Street into a splendid new Penn Station. The plans for this new station have been drawn. Now it’s up to all the parties involved, including the Post Office, to move on them. Visitors coming into New York deserve to arrive at a train station that reflects this city’s greatness. Realizing this major project will spur development on the far West Side and will, like creating the Governors Island CUNY campus, be a big vote of confidence in New York’s future.

During the last 100 days, we’ve assembled a first-rate team to run city departments and agencies. Now we’re ready for the next 100 days, and the next 1000-days of challenge and achievement for New York City.

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