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The springtime holidays for Jews and Catholics— Easter and Passover — occur simultaneously this year. Both holidays bring to mind the significant themes of memory and hope. The traditional values many place on celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ, and the annual celebration of the Jews departure from Egypt after centuries of slavery, are indicative of mankind’s search for the meaning of life.

Passover began at sundown yesterday, March 27, with the traditional Seder and another follows tonight. At this time, Jews all around the world sit down and commemorate the First Seder when their ancestors were enslaved in Egypt.

Passover is the symbol of eternal freedom, as well as signifying the ceaseless battle for human dignity and individuality. It marked the end of man’s first struggle against slavery, but it was not humanity’s victory from enslavement. It should, nevertheless, serve as an inspiration for modern civilization’s conflict for civil rights and personal liberties, especially with current events in the Middle East.

Easter marks the end of Holy Week, which began Palm Sunday (March 24) the day that memorializes when Christ rode into Jerusalem and palms were scattered in His path to honor Him as He passed. It continues today, Holy Thursday, the remembrance of the Last Supper — a Seder — and tomorrow, Good Friday, which recalls the suffering when He was crucified by Roman soldiers. Easter Sunday (March 31) marks His glorious Resurrection and embodies the hope for all because He died for our sins.

Thousands of years have passed since these two historically religious events occurred, yet humanity still covets lasting peace and harmony. This can only be attained by dedicating ourselves and teaching our children to respect others and apply the basic principles of religion in our daily lives.

The staff of the Canarsie Courier wishes a healthy, happy, safe and blessed Passover and Easter to our readers, our advertisers and the community.

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