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69th Pct. Commanding Officer Is Transferred

69th Pct. Commanding Officer Is Transferred

69th Pct. Commanding Officer Is Transferred

Deputy Inspector JennetteDeputy Inspector Jennette

By Charles Rogers

Deputy Inspector Jeannine Jennette, who had been commanding officer of Canarsie’s 69th Precinct for nearly three years, has been transferred to the neighboring 67th Precinct. She is being temporarily replaced by Captain Jack D’Elia, who has held the role of the precinct’s executive officer for the past six months.

Inspector Jennette, who replaced Deputy Inspector Paul Schmucker in May, 1999, told the Canarsie Courier exclusively this week from her new post, "I want to express my thanks to the people of Canarsie for the way they accepted me and helped me do my job. I had a great time there and I loved it. I will certainly miss the community greatly." She said she was happy and looking forward to her present "opportunities" within the 67th Precinct. The precinct is also headquarters for Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, headed by NYPD Assistant Chief Joseph Fox.

A year ago, when there were a number of changes in command around local Brooklyn precincts, Chief Fox elected to keep then-Captain Jennette at her post, saying, "She has been very effective there and I think it will be wise to have her stay." He then oversaw her promotion to Deputy Inspector.

It was during Jennette’s term here that statistics were released showing a decided decrease in crime city-wide. She was proud that those stats extended to the 69th Precinct, noting that her coordination of activities with Chief Fox and through the popular CompStat meetings established by former Mayor Giuliani.

Jennette was very visible in the community and attended a wide array of meeting of civic and block associations.

Captain D’Elia said he expects to be replaced "very soon" by a new commanding officer.

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